Does Tatango have an iPhone or Android app?

Ashley Parks -

No, sorry. We recommend using Tatango through your mobile browser if you need to use it on your mobile phone.

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    I don't think this is a really good solution.  Texting, and then having to wait for the menu response to choose keyword and then texting back is too much.  I would hope that you would either create an app or make a mobile site that was easy to use on the iphone.  Your site is fine on the iPad, but too hard to use on the iphone.

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    Ashley Parks

    Jonathan, you're completely correct about using the Tatango website on your mobile phone, it's extremely hard to use. We're working on creating a mobile optimized site, but it's taking some time. I'll update you when we get something into beta so you can give me your feedback. Thanks for the comment!

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