How do I understand subscriber data?

Micah Jelovich -

Each subscriber who opts-in to your list is given access to more information about each Subscriber.

To access the Subscriber Data click the Subscribers icon in the top right corner of the screen. 


This brings you to your Subscribers Home Page, next select the mobile number whose Subscriber Data you would like to view. 


This will bring up the Subscribers Data Home Page.  This page contains the following:

1. Subscriber State: Whether they are Subscribed or Unsubscribed                   7. Subscription Method: How they opted-in to your campaign

2. Mobile Phone Carrier: Which carrier they use                                                      8. Unsubscribe Date: Date they unsubscribed

3. Total Messages Received: Total message count                                                9. Zip Code (+): Only available with TatangoPlus

4. First Name: You can add the Subscribers First name                                         10. DOB (+): Only available with TatangoPlus 

5. Email Address (+): Only available with TatangoPlus                                          11. Subscriber History: All sent and replied messages

6. First Subscription Date: Date they Subscribed to your list


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