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A great way to grow your subscribers is to promise to send customers a special offer when they subscribe to your campaign. To do this, you'll need to schedule a message to be sent to new subscribers. If you're looking to just welcome new subscribers to your campaign, and not send them a promotion or offer, we recommend doing that in the opt-in message. Want to schedule a message that all of your subscribers get at the same time, you'll want to jump over to this post.

We highly recommend downloading our guide to growing SMS subscribers before creating a message to new subscribers.


  1. Select the campaign you wish to send messages to new subscribers to by clicking the Manage button from your list of campaigns on the campaign dashboard.
  2. Click the Messaging icon in the campaign navigation bar in the top right hand corner of your campaign homescreen.
  3. Click the green New Message button in the top left hand corner.
  4. Enter your desired message in the text messaging field. Most businesses use this type of message to reward customers for becoming new subscribers, as this message is only sent after someone subscribes for the first time. If you're looking to just welcome them to your campaign, we recommend doing that in the opt-in message.
  5. Once you've finished composing your message, click the Schedule radio button.
  6. In the first drop-down, select "After Opt-In".
  7. In the second drop-down, select the amount of time you wish to pass between when a customer subscribers, and when you want them to receive your message. We recommend if you're sending a promotion or offer to thank new subscribers for joining your campaign, you select "Immediately".
  8. Click the Schedule Text Message button at the bottom of the screen, and you'll see a pop-up asking you to confirm that you want to schedule this message.
  9. To confirm, Click the Schedule Text Message button in the confirmation pop-up to save and schedule this message to be sent to new subscribers.
Additional Notes
  • Scheduled messages to new subscribers are only sent to new subscribers. If a customer subscribes, unsubscribes, then re-subscribes to a campaign, they will not receive any messages you've scheduled to new subscribers. While these subscribers will not receive the scheduled message for new subscribers, they will receive the Second Time Opt-In Message.
  • Feel free to schedule multiple scheduled messages for new subscribers, but remember they'll only receive the messages you schedule the first time they opt-in.
  • Only subscribers that opt-in after a scheduled after opt-in message has been set, will receive these scheduled after opt-in messages. For example, if a subscriber opts-in, then you create a scheduled after opt-in message, that subscriber will not receive this specific scheduled after opt-in message. It's for this reason that we recommend that you create all of your scheduled after opt-in message before any new subscribers join your campaign.
  • After you schedule a message to new subscribers, this message will be stored in Scheduled Messages.
  • To learn how to edit a scheduled message to new subscribers, click here.
  • If you're looking to just welcome new subscribers to your campaign, and not send them a promotion or offer, we recommend doing that in the opt-in message.
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