How do I add more coupon codes to a scheduled message?

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  1. Select the campaign where the scheduled message is by clicking the Manage button from your list of campaigns on the campaign dashboard.
  2. Click the Messaging icon in the campaign navigation bar in the top right hand corner of your campaign homescreen.
  3. Below the green New Message button, you'll see a link that says Scheduled, click on that link. This is where all your scheduled messages that are either after opt-in messages that are sent to new subscribers, or scheduled messages that have yet to be sent to all subscribers will be stored.
  4. Find the scheduled message that you'd like to add more coupon codes to, and click the Edit link corresponding to the specific message.
  5. Click on the coupon icon, which can be found just below where you enter your message, if the Coupon Codes box is not present.
  6. Click Add New, and a blank field will appear.
  7. In the blank field, copy and paste your coupon codesYou can enter as many as you want, but you MUST enter them one on top of the other, not side by side. The coupon codes that you're adding, must be equal or less than the amount of characters than the coupon codes that you uploaded initially.
  8. When finished, click the orange Upload button.
  9. To confirm that your coupon codes were uploaded successfully, check to make sure the number of codes that the website is now displaying matches the amount of codes you imported. 
  10. When you've confirmed that you've correctly uploaded your coupon codes, make sure that the coupon code merge tag, which should look something like this {c1234}, is still in the message.
  11. When done adding coupon codes, click the green Save Changes or Schedule Message button at the bottom of the screen.

Additional Notes

  • We're currently experiencing an issue with adding more than 5,000 coupon codes to a message at a time. There's two ways to get around this. 1) Upload 5,000 coupon codes, save the message, then edit the message and add an additional 5,000 coupon codes. Repeat this process for however many coupon codes you need to upload. You can also just email us and we can upload them on our end.
  • Uploading coupon codes to a message without existing coupon codes? Check out this post.
  • If you are unable to access this feature that means you are on a grandfathered account. Please email us to ask about upgrading your account.
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