How to grow your SMS campaign subscribers with MailChimp

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If you're using MailChimp, did you know that you can grow your Tatango SMS subscribers through your MailChimp forms? It's easy too, with only a few tweaks here and there, you can start collecting mobile phone numbers, in addition to email addresses all from within the same forms. The best part, our integration with MailChimp requires a person to complete a double opt-in, fully complying with both the CTIA and wireless carriers guidelines on opting into an SMS campaign.

*US & Canada only, with the appropriate account.


How to Setup

** You can skip this step if you are already have an active campaign with MailChimp*

1**)  Sign in to your MailChimp account by clicking here, or create a free trial here. Once signed in, you'll want to create a new if you don't have one. list by clicking "Lists" in the header, then clicking the button that says "Create List". Once you do that, you'll want to fill out all the required fields.




**Fill Out your basic info, then click save




2) Once you've created that new list, on the left hand side you'll want to click "Lists", the downward arrow next to "Stats" and "Signup forms" 


Click on General Forms




3) That will bring you to a page where you can build a form to collect subscribers for your MailChimp list. After you arrive on this page, you'll want to select the button that says "Phone", which will add a field for people to enter in their phone number while filling out your form. 



4) Once you've added the phone field to your form, you'll want to do a little customization, specifically to make it more apparent to people filling out the form that you'll be using their phone numbers to text message them from Tatango.

The first step is to change the "Field Label" to say "Mobile Phone Number".

It is VERY important people know that by entering their mobile phone number, they're opting in to receive text messages so the second step is to add the correct disclosures required by the CTIA and the wireless carriers within the "Help Text" field. To be in compliance, just customize this following line of text and make it your own: You will receive no more than 6 messages/month.Msg&data rates may apply, You may opt-out at anytime by sending STOP to short code 33733. T&C/Privacy Policy Not to be forgotten, make sure after you've customized your phone number field to click the button that says "Save Field".

* We don't recommend making the phone number field a "Required Field", as this will persuade people to not complete your form if they have no choice but to receive your text message promotions. Some people just don't want to receive text messages, and that's cool, you shouldn't force them. 

**When you advertise this, you must include the proper advertising so people are 100% aware they will get text messaged when they enter their number.




***There's a quick note we want to make here. You MUST have the fields Email, Phone and first name. You can include zip and birthday as well but that is 100% optional. It's very important you make the Field Tags read exactly as follows for each of these fields:

Email= EMAIL

Zip Code= ZIP

First Name= FNAME

Mobile Number= PHONE

Birthday= DOB




5) After you get your form looking the way you want it to and you've saved your changes, you'll want to venture back to the left side of your screen where you will see the name of your MailChimp account . Click you account name then click on "Account Settings".




6) On this page you'll want to click on "Extras" then  "API Keys".




7) This will take you to a page that says "Create a Key". When you create it a new screen shows up that actually will say what the API key is.  At this point you will want to leave MailChimp open, but hop over to a new tab on your browser and sign into





8) You can now login to your Tatango account.

Once you've logged in, you'll want to click SMS broadcast you want mobile phone numbers that are received through your MailChimp form will be added to. Need help creating a new SMS broadcast, click here.




9) Once you've created your SMS broadcast campaign, in the upper right hand corner click on "Settings" then Integrations.




10) Once within your SMS broadcast settings, you'll want to select "Integrations" and find the MailChimp integration. Remember that API key from MailChimp that we told you to copy down, now the time to use it! Paste the API key from MailChimp into the field that says "API Key". Once this is done, it will give you a green checkmark, telling you everything is A-OK. When you see that green checkmark, then select your MailChimp list name from the "List Name" drop-down that you created within MailChimp to collect all your mobile phone numbers from. That's it, you're ready to rumble!




11) The next step is we are going to create an API link between Tatango and MailChimp using Tatango's API. Go ahead and click on Settings then Account Settings.




12) Once you are here, go ahead and scroll down to the bottom where it reads " API authentication" Click on "Activate API Access".




13) This will generate an API Key.  Make sure to open up a Word doc and copy past that. You will need it in a sec. Once you have that pasted into a separate location, click on "Generate new API Secret" A screen will pop up with more code. Make sure you copy/paste that into the Word doc as well and make a note to yourself which one is the key and which one is the secret.






14) Go ahead and go back into MailChimp now. Click on "Lists" , your list name, "Settings" then "Webhooks".






15) Click on "Add A New Webhook"



16) Uncheck every box but "Subscribes" and "A subscriber" in the updates section.




17) Copy/paste the following URL into the Callback URL. (Helpful hint, right click the link and select Copy Link Address, then paste it into MailChimp)





18) Once you do that, replace all $ signs with your API Key and all the * with your API secret and click "Add Web Hook": 




That's it, you're now able to collect mobile subscribers directly from you MailChimp signup form.


How it Works

Oh yea, I guess we need to also tell you how it works after you've connected your MailChimp account to Tatango. Well it's pretty simple.


1) Click on Lists, Downward arrow, Sign Up Forms, General Forms







2)  Copy/paste the sign up form URL into a new browser:







4) Remember that form you created within MailChimp? Well that form is below and can be embedded on your website, or even linked to.




5) When someone fills out your MailChimp form and they submit their mobile phone number, they will receive an email. They must first confirm the email subscription and click the button that says "Subscribe to list" , then they'll receive the following text message prompting them to reply "YES" to confirm they want to receive mobile alerts from you. Once they reply "YES", they will be opted-into your SMS broadcast campaign on Tatango.




6) We weren't joking... see your new mobile subscriber in Tatango below? 



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