What does "Cleaned" mean?

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Cleaned Basics

Cleaned is a Tatango term that means a subscriber has been automatically unsubscribed from a campaign, as we've determined that future messages to that specific subscriber will not be received.

The reasons why a number gets Cleaned varies greatly, but a few examples would be that the subscriber's wireless carrier turned their service off, the subscriber placed a black on short code messaging, etc.

How Cleaning Works

After each message is sent to your subscribers, Tatango receives a "response code" from the wireless carriers, telling us if the message was received or not by each subscriber. If your message wasn't received by a specific subscriber, Tatango will designate that message as a Bounced message. Depending on the type of bounced message, and how many times messages to that subscriber have bounced in the past, Tatango will determine if that subscriber needs to be Cleaned from your campaign.

When is a Subscriber Cleaned?

If a message sent to a subscriber bounces, and Tatango receives any of the following response codes, we'll perform a "carrier lookup" to double check that the wireless carrier we have for that subscriber is correct. If the carrier lookup returns the same wireless carrier that we have for that subscriber, then we'll clean that subscriber immediately. If the carrier lookup returns a different wireless carrier than what we have for that subscriber, that most likely means the subscriber switched wireless carriers since they opted-in to your campaign. To fix this issue, Tatango will update that specific subscriber's wireless carrier, and the next message you send to that subscriber will be sent to the new wireless carrier, instead of the old wireless carrier.

  • 351 - Transaction failed: Invalid destination address value
  • 410 - Message recipient not found on carrier
  • 1030 - External system error

If a message sent to a subscriber bounces, and Tatango receives any of the following response codes, we'll clean the subscriber immediately.

  • 368 - Invalid source address value
  • 568 - Destination address not provisioned for SMS
  • 573 - Short code blocked by subscriber
  • 3041 - Standard rate message block by aggregators deactivated numbers firewall.
  • 569 - Destination address suspended by carrier
  • 560 - Message recipient not authorized by carrier to receive the message
  • 566 - Destination address blocked by carrier
  • 810 - Failed message delivery
  • UNSENT - Bad phone number

If a message sent to a subscriber bounces three times in a row, and with every bounce, Tatango receives any of the following response codes, we'll clean the subscriber.

  • 561 - Content blocked by carrier
  • 588 - Invalid T-Mobile subscriber. Possible causes: out of credits, suspended, content blocked, or not a T-Mobile subscriber
  • 811 - Message Delivery Error: Message expired by carrier
  • 815 - Message Delivery Error - Message submitted to but not acknowledged by carrier

Additional Notes

  • To view the response codes received from a specific message, you need to download a sent message report.
  • The following codes we do not clean: 1020, 811, 581, 815.
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