New Updates for Tatango v4!

Alex Mittelstaedt -

It's a free upgrade for all Tatango users! Rolled out as Tatango v4, you will see improvements that includes added campaign names, slick navigation enhancements and "after opt-in" scheduled messages. Here's what you need to know:


Campaign Names: You can now name your SMS campaigns with Tatango. Right within the broadcast creation pop-up (see below), just call it what you wish! Also, when you open each campaign that you manage, you will be able to edit its Campaign Name directly under the General Settings section. This name will allow you to identify your campaign based on something other than the keyword. 





Top Navigation: Yes, that's right, the bulky left-hand nav that was used on Tatango for so many years is getting revamped and moved to the top of the page! Not only does this new nav bar (see below) free up space for your campaign management and Tatango features, it's dead simple and easier to use.





Schedule Messages After Opt-InWhat used to be called the Reward Message is now simply a scheduled message under your campaign. You can find and edit an After Opt-In Message directly under the Scheduled Messages section. Want to schedule one for another campaign? Just schedule a message "Immediately After Opt-In" (see below) and your new subscribers will receive your message immediately (or minutes/hours/days) after opting in!



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    I wish that the campaign name would default to the keyword.  it's sill to have a list if "untitled" keywords that I now have to click into each one and change the name.  Please default the campaign name to the keyword.

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    Micah Jelovich

    Hi Jonathan, thanks for your feedback! This is a great suggestion and is something that we will take into consideration. Be sure to post all of your suggestions or requests on our Feature Request Board here: 

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