What is a Transactional ID, and how do I get one?

Ashley Parks -

Transactional ID's are used for the transactional messaging API. To obtain your transactional ID, you must first email Tatango support and request one. In your request, please state how you'll be using the transactional SMS API. For approved reasons to use the transactional SMS API, see below.

Transactional messaging is for the following applications. Tatango will shut down accounts that attempt to send mass text messages through this API call.

  • App downloads http://www.tatango.com/blog/29-mobile-app-landing-pages-using-sms-to-increase-app-downloads/
  • Two-factor authentication. Send a text message to a mobile phone number with a random password, then that password is typed back into the computer to verify it's the person that should be logging in, etc.
  • Appointment reminders, sent to individuals, not groups. So 1 hr before your appointment you get a reminder text message alerting you to that.
  • Transaction alerts, sent to individuals, not groups. So your bank balance got overdrawn, you receive a text message alerting you to that.
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